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Stacey Francine Bent

Location:Stauffer III, rm. 215
Mail Code:5025
E-mail: bent@stanford.edu
URL: http://bentgroup.stanford.edu
Administrator: Jeannie A. Lewandowski

Research Statement

The research in the Bent laboratory is focused on understanding and controlling surface and interfacial chemistry and applying this knowledge to a range of problems in semiconductor processing, micro- and nano-electronics, nanotechnology, and sustainable and renewable energy. Much of the research aims to develop a molecular-level understanding in these systems, and hence the group uses of a variety of molecular probes. Systems currently under study in the group include organic functionalization of semiconductor surfaces, mechanisms and control of atomic layer deposition, molecular layer deposition, nanocomposite solar cell fabrication, interface engineering in photovoltaics, and electrocatalyst deposition.

PhD 1992 Stanford
BS 1987 U.C. Berkeley
Publication TitleAuthor(s)/Speaker(s)Open Document
Area selective atomic layer deposition by microcontact printing with a water-soluble polymer M. N. Mullings, H.-B.-R. Lee, N. Marchack, X. Jiang, Z. Chen, Y. Gorlin, K.-P. Lin, and S. F. Bent
Molecular level insights into atomic layer deposition of CdS by quantum chemical calculations J. T. Tanskanen, J. R. Bakke, S. F. Bent, and T. A. Pakkanen
Deposition of ultra-thin polythiourea films by molecular layer deposition P. W. Loscutoff, H. B. R. Lee, and S. F. Bent
Reaction of tert-butyl isocyanate and tert-butyl isothiocyanate at the Ge(100)-2×1 surface P. W. Loscutoff, Keith T. Wong, and S. F. Bent
Reaction of phenyl isocyanate and phenyl isothiocyanate with the Ge(100)-2x1 surface P. W. Loscutoff, Keith T. Wong, and S. F. Bent
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Academic Honors & Awards

  • Tau Beta Pi Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2006
  • AVS Fellow, 2006
  • Coblentz Award, 2001
  • Peter Mark Memorial Award, 2000
  • Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar, 1998
  • Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, 1998
  • Terman Faculty Fellow, 1998
  • Beckman Young Investigator, 1997
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 1995