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Futures In Engineering

The Futures in Engineering program offers companies a unique opportunity to better engage the faculty and students in the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering departments


Enhanced Access to the Faculty and Departments



  • Affiliates will be provided with a searchable research portfolios updated annually for each faculty member, which may aid in establishing further reseach programs of interest to our members or background information on students who are entering the job market.
  • Department staff will coordinate meetings with  individual faculty members who have been identified by an Affiliates member. Such meetings could include discussion of specific students or potential research projects, which would be negotiated outside of the core Affiliates program.
  • Affiliates will be invited to attend departmental events, seminars, symposia and other opportunities to engage with our faculty and students
  • Affiliates will be given tours of department facilities given by designated graduate students

Facilitated Access to Students

  • Affiliates will have facilitated year-round access to students at all levels – in the undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs – of both departments.  Our goal is to provide Affiliates with the opportunity to develop direct contacts and subsequently follow student progress throughout their Stanford careers.

  • Affiliates will be provided with a student resume booklet, update quarterly, that describes student academic training, professional interests, internship and other industrial experiences and career goals.


  • Affiliates may send representatives to the annual symposium at which students will give posters and presentations on undergraduate honors thesis research, MS degree research and PhD dissertation research.  Affiliate members will also be invitied to other Stanford-only department events to interact with students and faculty
  • Department staff will assist Affiliates in logistical issues associated in-house recruiting visits.  This will include obtaining room reservations, distribution of announcements to students and faculty and coordination of meetings with faculty associated with the recruiting visit.  We will also distribute internship and other student focused announcents.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to send representatives for customized student engagement sessions.  We encourage companies to engage our students in an meaningful environment for both the company and the students.