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Research Areas

The faculty of both Chemical Engineering (Prof. Zhenan Bao - Chair) and Materials Science and Engineering (Prof. Alberto Salleo - Chair) are engaged in globally significant research.  Our students are taught a mulitdisciplinary approach to solving problems.  Many of the students work on collaborative projects with other departments within the School of Engineering, School of Medicine, and the School of Earth, Energy and Enviromental Science.  Explore the research areas of both departments:

Chemical Engineering Research Areas

Materials Science and Engineering Research Areas

The departments are committed to developing technologies that will improve and maintain environmental health.

By deepening our understanding of the fundamental processes of life, we can help improve human health. The departments remain committed to both these missions.

Though the challenges implicit in sustainable energy production are immense, the departments' current research provides ample scope for optimism.


The departments are deeply engaged in investigating the behavior of light and particles at the nanometer scale.

The proliferation of computing power is enabling exciting new approaches to the characterization and design of materials.

Multiple geophysical and social pressures are forcing a shift from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Nanotechnology is shaping the practice of medicine, promising advances of unprecedented scope.

Nano-Mechanics quantifies the essential properties of nanomaterials.

The realm of the ultra-small is ultrafast: atoms and molecules vibrate at quadrillionths-of-a-second cycles.