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Admissions Process Overview

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Applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty that hold appointments in ChemE and represent diverse research expertise. Each application is read in full and evaluated by at least two separate committee members. The applicants who are considered most competitive are then discussed by the entire admissions committee who attempt to balance the research interests, perspectives, and diversity of backgrounds & experiences in the final cohort of students who are offered admission.

The Department of Chemical Engineering considers the following in offering admission to our program:

  • Academic preparation - applicant seeks and excels in coursework relevant to chemical engineering
  • Quality of prior research experience - applicant takes advantage of available research opportunities, has made meaningful contributions in their research, and has engaged in depth in experimental or theoretical work
  • Demonstrated resilience - applicant demonstrates an ability to overcome obstacles that present challenges in educational and training experiences
  • Curiosity, creativity - for example, as demonstrated by applicant’s chosen engagement in research opportunities and coursework
  • Motivation - applicant clearly describes personal motivation for graduate training and engagement in PhD research, demonstrated work ethic, and/or track record of pursuing available research and training opportunities
  • Maturity and preparedness - e.g. as demonstrated by applicant’s past engagement in activities and classes, ability to work in teams, leadership roles, and/or demonstrated commitment to scholarly work
  • Potential contribution to Stanford Chemical Engineering community - applicant demonstrates promise to contribute to research and educational mission of the department and to bring diversity of perspective and/or background