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Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is open to all applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree or will have completed one before matriculating as a graduate student at Stanford.

Our HCP Master of Science (MS), available completely online, is a terminal degree program for those who want to gain advanced knowledge in a focused area of chemical engineering to pursue a career in industry or a professional degree such as medicine, law, education or business.

The coterminal degree program allows Stanford undergraduates to study for a master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree(s) in the same or a different department.

Students interested in Bachelor of Science degree information, please apply to Stanford through the Undergraduate Admission Office.

Financial aid is offered through fellowship awards, assistantship jobs and loans through the university.

Stanford has a strong residential character. Over half of all graduate students live in university-operated apartments. The university's residence system is among the largest and most diverse.