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Daniela Marin | Student Spotlight

Ph.D. Candidate of Chemical Engineering
Daniela Marin

Daniela Marin

PhD Candidate
Chemical Engineering
Jaramillo Lab

"Growing up as a daughter of immigrant farm workers, I saw the impacts that extreme temperatures, exacerbated by climate change, have on field workers, and I decided to pursue a career in the sphere of sustainability. This drive to improve sustainability naturally led me to choose Stanford for graduate school. 

At Stanford, I chose to center my research studies on generating an alternative energy carrier, specifically hydrogen, directly from an earth abundant resource: seawater. Prior to Stanford, I was a post-undergraduate researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and worked towards advancing the commercialization of bio-derived materials and methods of plastics recycling. Both research experiences are distinct but share a common goal: improving sustainability. 

Aside from my academic studies, I try to give back to my community by sharing resources such as scholarships, graduate school opportunities, advice from professors, and research programs to other first-generation and/or low-income students through social media. I take pride in this accomplishment of giving back to my community while managing the time-intensive commitments associated with professional development and completing my PhD.

Overall, Stanford has been an incredible experience, and I am really grateful to be here. Some of my favorite experiences so far have been softball games, Giants games, Christmas lunch, and happy hour with my lab group. Additionally, the Tahoe trip, casserole night, and holiday dinners with my cohort have been really fun experiences."

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