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Michelle Brunner wins the 2021 School of Engineering Kay Bradley Award

In Grateful Recognition of her Consistent Professionalism, Friendliness, Integrity, and Devotion in assisting students.

Congratulations to Michelle for winning the 2021 School of Engineering Kay Bradley Award!

The Kay Bradley Award was generated by graduates of the ME department as a way to honor Kay and at the same time to reward other staff members in the School of Engineering who serve students with the same level of professionalism, friendliness, integrity, and devotion as did Kay. This year, Michelle Brunner, Student Services Manager for the Department of Chemical Engineering was selected for this award. 

Since assuming the position of Student Services Manager in Chemical Engineering (ChE) in the summer of 2018, Michell’s affable nature, clear insight and guiding vision has garnered the respect and admiration of ChE students, staff, faculty and relevant community. In short, Michelle has done an outstanding job to: (i) support the recent significant increase in both ChE faculty and student numbers, and (ii) revamped the ChE student affairs.

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