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Winnie Huang | Student Spotlight

B.S. Candidate in Chemical Engineering
Winnie Huang

Winnie Huang

BS Candidate
Chemical Engineering

"I initially never imagined I would pursue higher education. Growing up in a Latinx community as a daughter of low-income Chinese immigrants, I was no stranger to inequity and discrimination. I experienced biases against women pursuing STEM in the classroom and from my family. Thankfully, support from my community of teachers and friends motivated me to advocate for myself and apply to university and scholarships. ...And, then it happened, I got accepted into Stanford!

Upon arriving at Stanford, I dabbled in almost every type of engineering until ChemEng 20 (Intro to Chemical Engineering), where everything changed. During our first midterm, I remember scrambling just to answer the first question! That experience was equally terrifying and enlightening. At that moment, I knew that there were secrets that I wanted to learn from these professors. I knew I had so much to gain and felt I would miss out on something big if I did not pursue ChemE. I have come a long way from that first mid-term thanks to the support from my professors & advisors. I have developed strong analytical and troubleshooting skills that will serve me well as I plan to pursue a Ph.D. post-graduation. As a Ph.D. student and future professor, I intend to expand upon my research advocacy and continue my education advocacy for all students, especially those from historically marginalized communities."

"I am constantly impressed by Winnie’s curiosity, intellectual depth, patience, and encouragement of others. She is already inspiring the next generation of chemical engineers, and I am excited to see where her future Ph.D. studies and career take her!" - Danielle Mai (Winnie's Undergraduate Research Advisor)

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