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Graduate Student Action Committee

Who are we?

We are a group of Chemical Engineering graduate students working to improve the Stanford Chemical Engineering graduate school experience. Our activities are funded through the Chemical Engineering Department and Stanford internal grants. More information can be found at the ChemE GSAC website.

Executive Team


Anni Zhang

3rd Year

Shaqfeh Lab

Vice President:

Sarah Blair

3rd Year

Jaramillo Lab


Katie Antilla

3rd Year

Shan Wang Lab


Sindhu Nathan

3rd Year

Bent Lab

Social Chair:

Eva de la Serna

3rd Year

Dunn Lab

Social Chair:

Elise Loppinet

2nd Year

Khosla Lab

What do we do?

The Action Committee looks to represent the interests of ChemE masters and doctoral students in interactions with the Stanford Chemical Engineering Department. Additionally, the Action Committee sponsors and coordinates a variety of mentoring, social, and professional development events, including:


  • New student orientation panels
  • Qualifying exam preparation
  • Faculty luncheons for first year students
  • Colloquia featuring student-selected faculty speakers from outside institutions
  • Alumni career perspective sessions
  • Career development sessions and workshops
  • Academic milestone celebrations
  • Summer barbeques
  • Monthly socials
  • Intramural sports
  • First and second year mentoring programs
  • Department research symposium

The Action Committee is always looking for new members and opportunities abound for all levels of participation.  All graduate students enrolled in Chemical Engineering courses are welcome to participate in our meetings and events. You can also become involved as a group representative or member of one of our many subcommittees.


  • Social Coordinators
  • Student-Led Colloquia – Biotechnology, Fluids/Soft Matter, & Catalysis
  • Professional Development
  • New Student Orientation & Barbeque
  • First Year Mentoring
  • Quals Party
  • First Year Faculty Luncheons
  • Convocation & Research Symposium Coordinators
  • Intramural Sports
  • Second Year Mentoring