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Master's Program

Our Master of Science (MS), available on campus or completely online, is a terminal degree program for those who want to gain advanced knowledge in a focused area of chemical engineering to pursue a career in industry or a professional degree such as medicine, law, education or business.

It is based on the completion of lecture courses focused on a theme within the discipline of chemical engineering.  No thesis is required. No research is required.  This program is open to three cohorts of applicants:

  1. Active Stanford undergraduates, who should apply via the internal coterminal degree application process; see departmental student services in Shriram Center Room 129.
  2. Currently matriculated Stanford graduate students; see departmental students services.
  3. External applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree or will have completed one before matriculating as a graduate student.  People in this third group apply online. 

The deadline for external applicants to apply to the M.S. program is Monday, March 19, 2018.

A range of MS programs with appropriate course work is available to accommodate students wishing to obtain further academic preparation before pursuing a professional chemical engineering career. This degree is lecture course-based; there are no research or thesis requirements. Because it is a terminal MS degree, it is not a prerequisite for nor does it lead to admission to the department’s PhD program. For conferral of a master's degree in chemical engineering, students must meet a range of departmental requirements

Detailed information about degree options and course requirements can be found at Stanford Bulletin Explore Degrees.