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Mason Lecture Series

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The David M. Mason Lectures in Chemical Engineering are named in honor of the late David M. Mason, who was Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Stanford University.

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Sharon C. Glotzer
John W. Cahn Distinguished University Professor of Engineering and the Stuart W. Churchill Collegiate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2023 | Prof. Sharon C. Glotzer

The 47th Annual David M. Mason Lectures

Dr. Frances Arnold
Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry; Director, Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Bioengineering Center, California Institute of Technology

2022 | Prof. Frances H. Arnold

The 46th Annual David M. Mason Lectures

Dr. Dane Wittrup
Carbon P. Dubbs Professor in Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2021 | Prof. Dane Wittrup

The 45th Annual David M. Mason Lectures

List of past lecturers (1975 - Present)


Sharon C. Glotzer

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
2022Frances H. ArnoldCalifornia Institute of Technology 

K. Dane Wittrup

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
2020Canceled Due to 
2019Lynden ArcherCornell University 
2018Symposium in Honor of Robert J. Madix 
2017Ann L. LeeGenentech  
2016Paula T. HammondMassachusetts Institute of Technology 
2015Pablo G. DebenedettiPrinceton University 
2014David A. WeitzHarvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) 
2013Gregory StephanopoulosMIT Energy Initiative 
2012Enrique IglesiaUniversity of California, Berkeley 
2011G. M. "Bud" HomsyEmeritus, Stanford ChemE 
2010Golden Anniversary 
2009Ronald LarsonUniversity of Michigan 
2008Alice P. GastImperial College London 
2007David A. TirrellCalifornia Institute of Technology 
2006James A. DumesicUniversity of Wisconsin 
2005Elsa ReichmanisGeorgia Institute of Technology 
2004L. Gary Lealuniversity of California, Santa Barbara 
2003Mark A. BarteauTexas A&M University 
2002John F. BradyCalifornia Institute of Technology 
2001Robert S. LangerMassachusetts Institute of Technology 
2000Mark E. DavisCalifornia Institute of Technology 
1999James E. Bailey(1944 – 9 May 2001) 
1998Matthew TirrellUniversity of Chicago 
1997Henrik Topsøe(1944 – 9 August 2019) 
1996Lanny D. Schmidt(1938 – 27 March 2020) 
1995John H. Sinfelt(1931 – 2 May 2011) 
1994Mary L. Good(1931 – 20 November 2019) 
1993Robert A. BrownBoston University 
1992William B. RusselPrinceton University 
1991L. Louis Hegedus(1941 – 24 May 2017) 
1990Harry G. Drickamer(1918 – 6 May 2002) 
1989John H. SeinfeldCalifornia Institute of Technology 
1988Kenneth H. KellerUniversity of Minnesota 
1987William R. SchowalterPrinceton University 
1986Silver Anniversary 
1985 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes(1932 – 18 May 2007) 
1984Paul M. CookMassachusetts Institute of Technology 
1983Thomas J. Hanratty(1926 – 24 August 2016) 
1982John R. Grey(1922 – 13 May 2011) 
1981John A. Quinn(1932 – 8 February 2016) 
1980Thomas Baron(1921 – 1985) 
1979Neal R. Amundson(1916 – 16 February 2011) 
1978Ralph Landau(1916 – 5 April 2004) 
1976Leon Lapidus(1924 – 5 May 1977) 
1975Cornelius Pings(1929 – 6 December 2004)