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Andrew Riscoe (PhD ‘20) | Alumni Spotlight

Andrew Riscoe

Andrew Riscoe

Ph.D. ‘20
Chemical Engineering
Academic advisor: Professor Matteo Cargnello

What have you been up to since Stanford?

Since leaving Stanford I have stayed busy. I married my partner who I met at Stanford at the end of my PhD, traveled halfway around the world, and have put down roots in the bay area where I work within the energy storage field at Sila Nanotechnologies. In my position as managing engineer in the new product group I put the skills from my PhD to practice both in researching advanced battery materials and developing and deploying scalable manufacturing processes.

What’s your fondest memory about your time at Stanford?

Not that I didn’t enjoy my research experience, but my favorite memory in my time at Stanford has got to be with the Stanford Wine Society. Not only did I get to enjoy a taste of the finer things as a respite from my lab work but my ChemE compatriots swelled the ranks of the club so I had the privilege of enjoying the wine with friends.

Can you share any advice with our current students or postdocs?

My advice to the next class of Stanford ChemE students and postdocs is to say yes to as many opportunities that are presented to you, even if you are not comfortable with them. Take on that mentee, learn that new technique that you read about, go to that ski trip with the new group of friends. You never know what will uncover your passion without exploration, and your time at Stanford is one of the best times that you have for exploration.

This article is part of the Department of Chemical Engineering Alumni Spotlight series designed to highlight the impact and trajectory of the work of our alumni. Stanford University does not endorse any non-Stanford entities, programs, products, or services listed in the article.

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