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Franklin Guevara | Student Spotlight

Franklin Jonathan Guevara

Franklin Guevara 

BS Candidate
Chemical Engineering

"I initially selected chemical engineering (ChemE) as my major due to indecisiveness. The discipline seemed to allow me to combine my interests in mathematics, physics, and chemistry into a single major. As I delved deeper into ChemE, I began to learn more about the efforts being made in sustainability to address global issues such as climate change. The convergence of my academic interests and concern for a greener future solidified ChemE was the right major for me.

Coming from a family that immigrated from El Salvador in pursuit of a better life, my drive for success goes beyond personal fulfillment — it extends to making my family proud of my achievements.

A significant part of my academic journey involves my active participation in our AIChE chapter. Watching the ChemE community grow and witnessing increased connections each year has been exceptionally rewarding. Cherished memories include collaborative efforts in organizing the annual BBQ at Prof Fuller's house, where shared enthusiasm for chemical engineering is celebrated over a meal.

Looking forward, my post-graduation plans include pursuing advanced education through graduate school, to obtain a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. This educational trajectory stems from my desire to engage in impactful research aligned with my commitment to sustainability. I aim to contribute to changes in industrial processes, making them more sustainable and less environmentally harmful."

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